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Quality Breed Silhouette Paper Towel, Napkin and
Business Card Holders as well as Door stop & File Holders.

Dog Silhouette Upright Paper Towel Holder

Breed Silhouette Paper Towel Holder - Upright

Roll of paper towels sits upright. The breed figure design has a side bar to allow for you to grab a paper towel when ever you need one.
Item (108) $40.00
Dog Napkin Holder

Breed Silhouette Standing
Napkin or Letter Holder

Item (109)$40.00
Breed Business Card Holder

Breed Business Card Holder

Item (113) $30.00
Dog Breed Silhouette Door Stop

Breed Silhouette Door Stop

Door stop.
Item (115)$45.00
Every item can be customized with the dog silhouette of YOUR choice. All designs of our original designs are manufactured in 14 gauge metal and finished with durable, baked-on powder coating. Vanes-N-Things metal silhouettes are available in 3 colors; black, copper, white.
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