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Vanes and Things Has Flags, Hangers, PIcks, Garden Hoses,
Toppers and Trailer Hitch Covers

USA Flag With Your Breed

USA Flag with Your Breed or Agility, obedience or flyball symbol

Item (216) $45.00
Dog, Sled, or Cart

34" Dog, Sled, or Cart

Mount on house, gates, garage doors, or stand in yard.
Item (217) $200.00
Dog  Silhouetter Flower Basket Hanger

Breed Silhouette Flower Basket Hanger or Bird House Hanger

Medium silhouette holds hanging baskets inside or out.
Item (218) $55.00
Vanes-N-Things Dog Flower Pot Pick

Flower Pot Holder

Two medium silhouette dogs hold your flower pot.
Item (219) $55.00
Dog Silhouette Flower Pot Stake

Breed Silhouette Flower Pot Pick

Small silhouette Flower Pot Pick -- Item (221) $20.00
Medium silhouette Flower Garden Pick -- Item (220) $40.00
Item (221) $25.00
Item (220) $45.00
Small Dog Breed Silhouette Toppers Dog Silhouette Toppers

Small Breed Silhouette Toppers for mailboxes or grooming arms

Small Topper -- Item (223) $25.00
Small Topper personalized two sides -- Item (223A) $30.00

Medium silhouette -- Item (224) $45.00
Medium Topper personalized two sides -- Item (224A) $50.00
Item (223) $25.00
Item (223A) $30.00
Item (224) $45.00
Item (224A) $50.00
Dog Trailer Hitch Cover

Metal Breed Silhouette
Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover

Small & Large
Item (300) $40.00 Small
Item (300A) $50.00 Large
Every item can be customized with the dog silhouette of YOUR choice. All designs of our original designs are manufactured in 14 gauge metal and finished with durable, baked-on powder coating. Vanes-N-Things metal silhouettes are available in 3 colors; black, copper, white.
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